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Monday 1 May 2017

Good For Age

May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

This morning we both enter the London Marathon ballot, not that this means very much. Last year 247,000 people applied for one of the 17,000 places, which is a success rate of around 7%. Of course you could stump up for one of the 15,000 charity places or run fast enough to qualify for one of the 6,000 ‘Good For Age’ places, where you have to hit a particular age specific qualifying time in another marathon. This is my long term goal e.g. perhaps when I’m 70 to still be fit enough to break 5 hours, which is the qualifying time for that age. Of course they will have probably revised it downwards by then. The qualifying time for a 50 year old man is 3:20, of which I have no chance.

Tonight my parents, my brother and his family, L’s parents and Daughter join me for my birthday celebration meal at Mr Man’s Chinese in Wollaton, which is our local restaurant. It all goes well and I get a few more presents including the traditional birthday balloon. Oh no.

(Monday 1st May)

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