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Wednesday 24 May 2017

Regular Canine Foes

Back on the bike and the legs not too bad. It’s also nice weather for once.

L updates me on her morning. MD didn't upset too many people but had a bit of a wrangle with one of his regular canine foes. Doggo ate. L did the gym and spent it on the bike doing the St Bernard Descent complete with snow. She went downhill? With snow on the ground? I hope she held the brakes on. It all sounds very like last night’s Giro d'Italia which was in Bormio with snow piled high either side of the road.

Then she goes for a lunchtime swim. She’s training harder than me at the moment. I ask if she had any pain. She said no, not once she stopped. Hmmm.

Then it’s dog training, where I do develop a new injury but just a minor one I hope. So I needed something better than the same four beers in the Masons again.

MD is off it a bit as well, perhaps he’s fed up with agility. I hope not, not with the Crufts Team qualifier this weekend.

(Wednesday 24th May)

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