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Thursday 25 May 2017

Dogging Injury

My dogging injury doesn’t prevent me getting on the bike today.

There is an exciting announcement from the Nottingham Half... drum roll… a T-Shirt. About time! This however throws into doubt whether going VIP will still be worth it or not.

It’s National Wine Day today, although I’m not sure which bright spark picked a Thursday but then we do always start our weekend on a Thursday. As I’m sure everybody does.

Suddenly it is hot. I have a sweaty bike home and then we have to cope with the prospect of a distinct lack of rain for tennis. It will be very disconcerting if the ball actually bounces.

Amazingly I get the last available court. Where were they all last week, some of us played through the light shower.

For the after match drinks, L is again thwarted by trams which are not running through town because one has been derailed. So she doesn’t make it to the pub at all this week.
(Thursday 25th May)

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