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Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Drunken Suggestion

I get home from work on my bike and lo and behold who comes through the door behind me on theirs but L. Blimey.

After a short session on the park with the dogs, which also allows the M1 traffic to disperse a touch, we head up to Sheffield for a serious swim session in the Olympic pool at Ponds Forge. L seems surprised that this is actually happening and that my suggestion to do this wasn’t a drunken one.

Once there I embark on my mission of 32 lengths = 1 mile. Which lands me in all sorts of breathing trouble and people trouble. I sincerely hope that Lake Windermere isn't as congested as this for the Great North Swim next month.

Then we head to Daughter’s for tea, where she serves us lasagne with all the trimmings, probably using up all of her weekly food budget in one go. Oops.

(Thursday 16th May)

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