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Monday, 6 May 2013

The Proposal On The Table

Good old May Day delivers us with a lie in. There was a proposal on the table concerning a run at Woodhouse Eaves... but we both agree to forget about that.

A late park session also turns out to be short one due to a Military Re-enactment taking place as part of the May Day FĂȘte, which Doggo does not wish to become part of.

Then it’s a afternoon of gardening... sadly it needed to be done. Grass cutting and grass seeding is of course interspersed with ball throwing/kicking for the dogs. MD also manages to play with the hose pipe. Gardening and dogs do not mix.

There is dog training tonight though. We don’t usually train on a bank holiday but the trainer is away for the rest of the month and as we’re all free, it seemed a good opportunity. Although after all his endeavours today I’m surprised MD has the energy but he seems to cope.

(Monday 6th May)

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