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Friday, 17 May 2013

A Quite Word

L has a day off and sort of regrets it. Well she regrets changing the boys’ routine. I can hear MD having a quite word as I walk down the street to get the bus, telling her what a terrible dog owner she is and pointing out that he is now running late as regards his busy schedule of a morning walk and breakfast.

We have a works night out this evening but before that I sit in the Flowerpot supping a rather nice Porter waiting for my colleagues to turn up. Then after probably a few too many beers it’s off for a meal at Ask Italian, which is a national chain. Personally I’d have rather supported one of the independent Italian restaurants in the area but I don’t pick the venues.
It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night, which is perhaps bad news for them. We had some excellent wine, it was expensive but work was paying. The food was distinctly average with a kind of a heated up look to it, which was probably because they were trying to serve all twelve of us at once. It did the job of soaking up the alcohol though.

(Friday 17th May)

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