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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Alien World Of Real Shops

There is a reason I don’t often shop in real shops. 

My mother (bless her) had bought me a very nice polo shirt for my birthday. The only problem was for some reason my father had persuaded her that I needed an Extra Large. Now I have never purchased anything XL in my life, so I headed off in to Derby to change it for a Medium. 

The only problem was that the item is now no longer on display at the well known retail outlet she purchased it from. Seeing no one to help me I asked at the cash tills, they couldn’t help me, that wasn't their job. Instead they sent me to the suit department where a very nice salesman agreed to help, although I could see he felt uncomfortable accompanying me to the ‘casual wear’ department. 

Once there he agreed that yes the item was no longer on display and he sent me to Customer Services, two floors up. There they advised me that they could refund me if I so wished but if I wanted to order a different size then I would need to go to the Ordering desk. So off I went, luckily this was close by.

Finally somebody on the Ordering desk managed to help me and ordered a replacement in Medium for collection. The girl said it would be in on Sunday. Which is impressive but not much use. After which I had seven days to collect it. 

Err... what if I was taking advantage of the bank holiday and was going away on holiday next week I asked? Looking a bit flustered she said that it would be sent back and I’d either have to be refunded or they could reorder it again. 

Only kidding I told her, I’m not on holiday but honestly. I only visit shops twice a year, so expecting me to visit twice in a week is pushing it a bit. 

As I said, there is a reason I don’t often shop in real shops.

After work I run some of the way home. Again taking it steady I manage about nine and half miles before I decide that I’ve done enough. It’s sort of promising for next Sunday.

(Friday 3rd May)

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