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Saturday, 25 May 2013

This Is A Jump

Today is the first of two days at the Nottingham Dog Agility Show and the weather turns suddenly very hot.

The question is, will the same thing happen to MD? Will he turn suddenly red hot? 

Nope. First two runs... bloody rubbish, both of them. He has one more chance to redeem himself then it’s down to Doggo to save the day, yet again.

Redemption does not come his way. So Superhero Doggo arrives and runs his course clear, not once but twice, as the timing didn’t work first time.

I get home and immediately sentence MD to the hard labour of extra training in the garden. It goes along the lines of ‘this is jump’. Once he’s got that concept we move on to ‘now jump over it’. Eventually I feel some progress is being made. We have a team run tomorrow, so no pressure.

(Saturday 25th May)

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