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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sort Of Lukewarm

Today is the second day at the Nottingham Dog Agility Show and I live in hope that the little tyke might redeem himself a little. Although we have to wait until after lunch to find out.

Doggo does his run first thing, is clear and is done for the day. Paws up for him. Then we kick our heels waiting for MD’s first run to come up. It’s a pleasant-ish heel kick though as we watch our club’s teams compete in the small and medium dog Crufts Team Qualifiers. The Large dogs, including MD, go in the afternoon. When he also has to fit in his three individual runs.

It’s also very hot again and actually MD is a little hotter today, sort of lukewarm. Five faults in his first individual run and then clear in Team. In fact the only clear in our team, so we have bragging rights for that, if nothing else.

Neither of his last two runs are clear but are much improved from yesterday. So I can take L out to the pub tonight with a least something to celebrate. We go to the Hand and Heart where the beer is again excellent and the meal we have there is ok but nothing special, considering the rather high price.

(Sunday 26th May)

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