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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Daughter is on her way to the passport office in Liverpool, chauffeured by her father who is perhaps over worried that they won’t let her back in the country when she goes to France with him next week because her passport has only six months to run on it. Why worry, extra holiday isn’t it?

It’s all over the internet about some young girl who seemingly got away with knocking a cyclist off his bike because he wasn’t going to tell anyone in case his girlfriend found out. Sensible chap.

That was until the girl tweeted about it, which was a really bright thing to do wasn’t it. She’s clearly far too intelligent to be working at the accountancy firm where she’s a trainee... or was, as she’s now been suspended.

That tweet went viral on the internet and even though she subsequently cancelled her Twitter account it was too late because people had already screenshoted it complete with her name and photo, found her Facebook account, where she works etc etc. With the internet there is no escape and of course not stopping at the scene of an accident is a serious offence. Oh dear #InTheSh*t as they say on Twitter.

She’s also clearly far too intelligent to know that there’s no such thing as Road Tax, which was her excuse for knocking him off because he didn’t pay any. Yet of course, like most cyclists, he also owns a car for which he pays his Vehicle Excise Duty (not Road Tax) which is based on his vehicle’s level of exhaust emissions. It’s there to encourage people to drive smaller cars or bikes even. I’m sure he’d happily pay it for his bike too, with its emission level of zero.

Hope she doesn’t end up doing anyone’s accounts in the near future.

I’m not on my bike today, instead I put in a training run and a rather slow nine miles but nine mines is nine miles. Job done.

(Tuesday 21st May)

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