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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Pain And The Euphoria

This morning I hurt in several places I don’t want to hurt, so it’s somewhat comforting to be in the car today. That is if it wasn’t for the all the other cars on the road.

L retracts her ‘drunken’ agreement to do the Eyam Half Marathon this weekend. It wouldn't be at all sensible for either of us. 

Odd thing was this suggestion came during the drive home from Sheffield before she’d even had a drink, unless someone had spiked her blackcurrant and soda. I think the pain and the euphoria were doing strange things to her, either that or she’d inhaled too much of the liniment they used for the post-race massage.

We shall do the Towpath and Trail 10K at Shireoaks instead. Just for training and not because it looks as pretty as the name suggests. Which I’m sure it won’t be in the rain anyway.

Talking of which, I leave for dog training amidst one of the heaviest rain showers I’ve ever seen but with the sun still out, I’m hoping it’s going to be simply short-but-not-very-sweet. It is and when I get to training the ground is bone dry, obviously just an isolated shower.

(Monday 13th May)

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