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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Today I am one of those #BloodyCyclists but put it this way, you are a cars length further up that queue than you would have been if I’d been sat in my car in front of you.

It’s not actually a great day to be a #BloodyCyclist either. No blonde female trainee accountants have a pop at me but somehow in between cycling in this morning and tonight, some b*st*rd has managed to stonechip a two miles stretch of road around Borrowash.

#BloodyLooseChippings are very little fun on a bike and I’ll now try to avoid this stretch of road for a month or so until they’ve been dispersed somewhat. Even then, after the cars have scattered most of the loose stuff, it will still be loitering at the side of the road to reduce grip for cyclists. A few warning signs that they were going to do this would have been nice. The road didn’t even need doing. We have some roads with huge craters yet they resurface ones like this that are in good shape.

Things didn’t get much better when I hit the end of the queue to get into Nottingham, which was in Bramcote. Having already had to embarrassingly use the pavement to avoid the worst of the chippings, now I have to use it again to avoid the gridlock.

Oh well, things can only get better, unless at the pool they’ve got half of it closed for swimming lessons and it’s six to a lane in the remaining half again. Which it duly is. #BloodyCityCouncil. Cue some very pissed off customers, some who only stay for five minutes before abandoning their swims. I manage fifteen minutes. They really do know how to minimise revenue.

Finally a park session with the dogs, which oddly is the least stressful part of the evening. I’m shattered after all that and I’m relieved when L offers to cook, even after her manic run with Sweatshop for which she was hugely nervous. She does get incredible adrenaline problems when she thinks its going to be fast. I knew she’d be fine. She was fine.

(Wednesday 22nd May)

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