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Thursday, 9 May 2013

When You’ve Got To Train...

It was a tad windy for cycling this morning and mostly going against me as well. There are also dire predictions of heavy rain later. Oh dear but when you’ve got to train... you’ve got to train.

L’s training is being hit by kit problems. That being sheer quantity of the kit required and she heads off to buy a rucksack. Although her kit bag does require space for unlimited post-training toiletry products. My problem is more the big pile of used kit that I’ve got piled up under my desk, hoping no one notices the aroma. It’s been so long since I took the car to work that I’m going to need a van to get all that home.

A bit of an indifferent pub lunch today. The Abbot Ale was off, so we had to drink Doom Bar, which is not that same at all.

While we are in the pub being Doom Barred the rain arrives. I just hope the wind’s with me come home time.

As I head out of Pride Park and across the footbridge into Chaddesden I find my route blocked by a fallen tree lying in the road and have to go around it via the pavement. I didn’t think it was that windy.

The windy is gusting but not too badly and the rain seems to blow itself out, so the ride home isn’t too horrific. No trees fall on me but I do decide that I’m not going out in that again and I tell the boys that tonight’s park session is off. 

Squash is on a hiatus while my opponent embarks on a house modernisation project. Which apparently means he’s moved. So that was a quick purchase. I knew they were looking at a place that needed a lot of work doing to it but I didn’t expect them to do it themselves.

(Thursday 9th May)

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