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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Concentrate On The Swimming

I cycle and swim today. There are no bikinis in the pool, yet again. Actually there are no women in the pool. Just loads of men and pretty much all of them seem to be in my lane. It's so packed that I can’t even concentrate on the swimming, which I ought to, as I now have a swim to train for.

Then I’m at dog training. While L goes for run and starts her own training for Sheffield. She’s more injured than me at the moment, we do like to take it in turns. It's all very democratic.

With Pillars out of the way we start Game Of Thrones. In Pillars they cut all the rape, disembowelment, burning, hanging etc out of it (along with the plot). In Thrones apparently they sprinkle such things as liberally as possible. Looking forward to it.
(Wednesday 1st May)

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