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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Uncharted Territory

A dog show today, near Worcester.

Doggo opens the day with a clear in his one and only run before MD puts in not one but two clears before lunch. He picks up rosettes for 12th and 16th. Not quick enough but at least we’re getting clears.

With a couple of rosettes in the bag 'we' decide to go for it a bit more in the afternoon. We promptly get eliminated when he misses out a weave pole, though I blame the judge because the poles looked far from straight to me.

The next run is better and we go into 3rd place. Eventually we get pushed down to 4th which is a shame because the trophies that went to the first three looked rather nice. Three clears in one day though is uncharted territory.

Back home L is sitting pretty with a cup of tea and an ice pack, feeling +ve for Sheffield after running 15k. A gold star for her. I never doubted her.

In lieu of L’s birthday on Wednesday we head into town for a meal out at the fishy place known as Loch Fyne. Sadly it's a chain but we don’t get many fish restaurants here as we’re a bit far from the coast. I fainted outside last time, so I consider going in disguise tonight but instead we decide to fortify ourselves with a few beers in the Hand & Heart first. 

We thought it would be quieter and more romantic going to Loch Fyne on a Sunday or possibly dead, which it was when we did the Marrakesh restaurant on a Sunday, but nope, it’s packed and possibly understaffed. I suspect this when our waitress stands in front of us out of breath and dripping sweat on to the floor.

I’m not a great fan of fish when it turns out to fiddly e.g. shell and bones, which is the case here. Although L claims her Lobster is very slimming once de-shelled e.g. small. Everything is also rather plain and I do love a good sauce. Perhaps a place for fish purists only.

We pop for a night cap at the Peacock but are denied a second when they stop serving at 10pm despite it being a bank holiday and the pub being really busy.

(Sunday 5th May)

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