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Friday, 26 December 2014

Always Doing It

Today is the ‘traditional’ Darley Park 5k run from The Furnace Inn. L always does it. I always do it when I’m not injured enough to do so. Doggo has done it many times and been top dog almost every year. Now he’s perhaps not young enough to do the full 5k and MD has taken on the mantle. Somewhat reluctantly perhaps. This year, not only do I give it a go with MD but Daughter runs it too. Her début!

MD does indeed prove to be somewhat reluctant and tells me so repeatedly by biting his lead for the first hundred metres or so. Once we finally get focussed and having started in dead last, we ‘storm’ through the field. Well, it’s more of a light breeze than a storm.

All of us then, having survived, go with my Dad (our evergreen supporter) to the Peacock for a drink. The Furnace itself being far too packed with the race proving more popular every year.

Then as we get home it snows, heavily and due to the wind sideways. It's so Christmassy. 

(Friday 26th December)

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