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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Accepted Barometer Of Current Cycling Conditions

For the first time this year the temperature is negative this morning, if only just e.g. -0.2. The bin lid is frozen to the bin, which is the accepted barometer of current cycling conditions.  So, I decide not to bike. Training aborted, again. At least the bus was on time for once.

It’s a little bit windy but apparently this is a ‘weather bomb’ or something. I assume other parts of the country are getting something a bit more bomb like because it’s barely made a dint here.

L has a wild book club Christmas party night this evening. Naturally she plays this down but she leaves the house with a full bottle of wine and comes back empty handed, so I suspect a good time was had by all. She rolls home a bit tipsy, full of cake and having won a book quiz.

Meanwhile I have not one but three Miniature Heroes at dogging although L does also smuggle me some cake home.

(Tuesday 9th December)

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