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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Everyone’s Entourages

L is too ill to parkrun, instead we head up to the Lincoln Green Brewery shop in Hucknall where we pick up several presents and a few bottles for home. Then it’s off to the carpet shop in Beeston to choose a colour and to pay a deposit. L walks the boys home from there, nicely getting me out of throwing balls on the park. 

Something I haven’t time for anyway as Derby have a very un-festive 12.15 kick off against Norwich. A close but uninspiring game finishes 2-2. I do finally get a free ipro drink off them, which is mixed blessing as I don’t think anyone likes them.

On my way home, I visit the Blue Monkey Brewery shop in Giltbrook to get even more beery gifts.

Tonight we head back over to Derby to a Beefeater called the Mallard. A place that looked promising last time we were there until a power cut forced us to leave before we’d even sampled the food. This time it’s not looking so promising, the menu looks very average and we’ve been forced to pre-order. Something I always hate doing. At least after initially ringing us on Wednesday to ask where we were, the place seems to have got us down for the right night now.

All of L’s family are there. Her sister, brothers, parents and everyone’s entourages. Son can’t make it but Daughter puts aside her Toys r Us Christmas headband and hotfoots it over from Manchester, although she won’t make it in time for the meal. I collect her from the train station.

L remembers the antlers. Festive spirit does strange things to folk and I didn’t know we’d booked her a table by herself.

It’s a good night, in a contentious family orientated festive sort of way, just as you’d expect these things to be.

(Saturday 20th December)

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