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Friday, 12 December 2014


L is over in Leamington today where she is seeing Son and where it’s sleeting. I hope she’s remembered her shovel.

I won’t see her until much later as it’s my company’s Christmas meal tonight which is being held at Derby County’s Pride Park Stadium. L is a bit miffed I’ve bunked out of our usual Friday night but it’s probably the best thing for her health considering the fact she’s full of cold/flu at the moment.

First off I have a few shandies with a couple of colleagues in the Brunswick. Sadly I’m avoiding the very tempting 5% Stout they have on even though it keeps winking at me, it’s potentially a long night.

I do hit the stout once we get to the actual event, Marston’s Oyster Stout that is. It’s the best keg option they have and I don’t wish to add wine into the mix. A colleague does keep pouring me a glass of wine but then when I don't drink it, he knocks it back himself before refilling the glass. I think I'll leave him to it.

The actual meal is ok although very small, naturally, and the turkey looks very chicken like to me. Four hardy folk have come up from our new southern office to join the festivities. I’m introduced to them all but couldn't recall any names now.

I escape around 11pm and head off for the bus.

(Friday 12th December)

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