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Saturday 13 December 2014

Not Ziggy Stardust

I’m a little bit worse for wear this morning but some morning frivolity, a long shower, lots of water/juice and a walk around a frosty Forest Rec where L is park-running clears the head a treat.

L has her hair cut and coloured, she describes it as a David Bowie cut. I’m not too sure what one of those is but I soon found out it’s not a Ziggy Stardust cut. Just like Jennifer Lawrence, these girls always have to have it off, don’t they?

Then we try and get a few things sorted as regards our new bedroom. We try and order some carpet but they insist on coming to see us. We try and order a new bed but DFS don’t have any beds at all in their Nottingham store. They say we’ll have to visit their Darley Dale branch instead. We do look at a few elsewhere.

Then we try to do a bit of Christmas shopping but are thwarted in our attempts to buy some beer from the Lincoln Green Brewery by the fact they had shut at 1pm. We are more successful shopping at Sweatshop, although obviously not for beer. Generally though it wasn’t a totally successful trip.

Then I get home to listen to Derby’s game against Middlesbrough only to find they had kicked off at 12:15pm and not 3pm. I should have known that. They also lost.

We stay in with wine.

 (Saturday 13th December)

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