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Saturday 27 December 2014

Not Winning At Bingo Again

This morning L does the Beeston parkrun and manages it without ice skates. I’m not sure I could have done. Not that I can ice skate either. I drop her off and watch them start before I head off to the Aston on Trent village walk. L’s parkrun is on but all her Pilates classes are cancelled presumably do to the gorgeous seasonal weather. Why am I not surprised that the council has cancelled something indoors when everything outdoors is going ahead.

There is actually quite a lot of snow around and even on the main roads. The A52 is only clear in one lane. The village walk is another ‘tradition’, more for its opportunity to meet people who I haven’t seen since the previous year’s one than for the actual walk itself and its accompanying bingo game which is quite tedious.

L opts out and I don’t blame her but I get to touch base with an old school friend and more importantly his new dog. Our pair both participate and Doggo skips around the whole 4.4 miles, which I think he later regrets. It's all very pleasant in the sun and the snow. It’s so alpine it makes you want to get your skis out.

Naturally I don’t win anything at the bingo. I have done this walk most years for the last forty years and probably won something twice.

We meet my parents and my brother before heading off to the Dog and Duck for lunch. I have a Snecklifter and a sandwich that is bigger than most people’s meals.

In the evening, L and I head down to Canning Circus for a few beers, in the Falcon, the Borlase and the hand & Heart. 

(Saturday 27th December)

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