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Friday 21 August 2015

700 Life Lengthening Tips

There's an interesting article in Cycling Weekly, of all places, which advocates some interesting life lengthening tips apart from the obvious benefits of being in the saddle. 

Apparently flossing your teeth every night can extend your life by two years which is not a bad return but who’s got time for that when you can gain three years by having more than three orgasms a week.

Four a week reduces your prostate cancer risk by up to 30 percent but why stop there. 350 orgasms a year will net you four years and a mind boggling ambitious 700 will gain you eight. Luckily in our household we’re always up for a new challenge.

I cycle to work, to get the testosterone pumping. Meanwhile L is at home, hoovering the car which is apparently now inwardly sparkling just like her. Which is a very positive self-appraisal.

I can help thinking I should be at home too, challenging myself, but she is soon off to collect her folks from Trowell Services where they have been dropped off by the coach bringing them back from their Balearic Cruise. Which means we now have a nice bottle of Spanish red to start the Friday Festivities with and any subsequent challenges. I best get a shift on cycling back from work then. Home in record time.

(Friday 21st August)

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