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Monday 17 August 2015

Secret Sessions

Nottingham’s new 50m Olympic Pool is opening imminently or more precisely on 1st September or at least that’s the rumour. Hard facts such as opening times and swim timetables are proving impossible to come by.

The rumours are being fuelled by the nomadic former Beechdale dwellers whose pool is in a phased closure and they seem to be dividing their time between secret sessions at the new pool and clogging up the shower cubicle queue at John Carroll where L swims most mornings.

I wonder if they will have more than two showers at the new pool? Fingers crossed. L requests that they come with no doors and absolutely nowhere for people to hang their bath towels, dressing gowns or slippers in order to bring down waiting times. I hope she put that on the pre-opening survey they sent out a few weeks ago.

L runs with Sweatshop tonight and I take our champion hound dogging. Doggo manages to drag himself up off his new bed to join us in a supporting role. He does love his new bed although I’ve not seen him thank MD for it yet. 

(Monday 17th August)

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