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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Naughty But Nice

I’m still tapering of course. L is very clear that the only injury that will be countenanced pre Vitruvian is shoving Doggo's tongue down his throat if he doesn’t stop licking everything that does or doesn’t move.

Meanwhile L’s on her travels, off to Leamington to see Son. There are loads of Reading Festival folk on her train which I think makes my hip festival girl feel she’s missing out. I think we might have to do Glastonbury again... If we do, I will start the campaign for Ride a bit earlier.

At home, we have a man painting our bottoms black. They are slowly putting the finishing touches to our new rendering.

After work I meet L off her train at Derby station and we head to the Alexandra for a few very naughty but nice beers. We discover Buttermuch is on, so it turns into more than just a naughty few and I've already had a pub lunch.

(Thursday 27th August)

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