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Sunday 23 August 2015

Pedalling Too Slowly

Today it’s Life Cycle 5 which is a low budget Cycle Sportive running from Nottingham University and in aid of dementia research. There are two road routes, a 75 miler and a 50 miler. I do the 50 which heads out westward to the north of Derby before heading back.

I am on the front row when we start and end up being in the lead for quite a while as others decide to pedal slowly. Then a guy who has been shadowing me decides I’m also pedalling far too slowly and leaves me for dust. I’m also one of only a few making use of the two feed stations, a lot choose not to stop at all. Personally I can’t pass up on a complimentary flapjack.

L comes to meet me as I cross the line in 3 hours 12 minutes, which is not really the sort of pace I was looking for pre-Vitruvian next week. Then again it was hilly but then so is the Vitruvian.

I have a novel post-ride massage with one masseur on each leg, which is great idea except they are both doing totally different things to me at the same time. So I may walk oddly afterwards.

We do considering sitting outside the pub formerly known as The Willougby and having Sunday lunch, that is until it rains.

(Sunday 23rd August)

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