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Friday 14 August 2015


Apparently the Leek Half Marathon has been cancelled this year through lack of participants. That was one of my favourite races but it’s not in my diary this year because I have had no emails from them about it and it hasn’t come up on any of the event searches I've done on various websites. 

Perhaps this is why it's lacking of participants... Impossible to enter an event unless you know it’s there.

I do a training run tonight, first from work to Spondon before then getting the bus to Stapleford and running home from there. Around six miles in total perhaps. It goes ok.

Sadly L's exercise class has been cancelled so she’ll have to improvise and do something else for a workout instead. Gym? Swim? Run? Cowgirl? That sort of thing. She's waiting at home for me.

(Friday 14th August)

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