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Tuesday 18 August 2015


Another training run today, this time from my parents’ house at Aston into work. This is about 5.5 miles, it went surprisingly well and I think I came through it unscathed. I just now need to do it again in reverse at 5pm, as that is where the car is parked.

As I run onto Pride Park I am met by, for some reason, a sea of Orienteering controls peppered all over the place. No idea what that’s all about. We ought to have another go at the big O one day. 

The nomadic Beechdale-ites confirm to L that the changing rooms at the new pool are bisexual (e.g. mixed). That should make them hurry up in the showers.

L receives the same dodgy email that I had last week. That her application to enter the Olympic Tri at the World Triathlon Round at Leeds next year has been successful. You have to be careful what you sign up for.

I hope she is pre-bragging to her resident Ironwoman, who may have done Ironman UK this year and may be considering Ironman Austria next year but has she swam in Roundhay Park?

I do my second run and then go to the match with my folks. It's another draw. We aren’t exactly playing like Real Madrid yet. Well we are, we knock it around beautifully and have recorded over 60% possession in all our games so far but only in our own penalty area. 

(Tuesday 18th August)

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