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Thursday 20 August 2015

Mental Trauma

The car is still sounding dodgy, so fixing the exhaust hasn’t fixed it.

L is desperate to try the new pool at Harvey Haddon, like the Beechdale-ites are but I think you need to know the secret password.

L has been thrown into a mental trauma by the fact the 25 mile bike ride I have entered her for is off road. My mistake. Mental trauma is good though. Active mind, active body and all that.

As it’s already been paid for, financially it would make sense for her to just upgrade to the 50m. As she’s always looking for a new challenge, this is another good reason upgrade to the 50m. Also as she’s just entered the Leeds Triathlon, practice wise it would make good sense to upgrade to the 50m. Travel wise, it's practically just outside our front door. No brainer.

Dodgy knee wise though, she should stay in bed. Then there's the mental trauma of actually doing it. No brainer. I think I’ll be doing it on my own.

A rare game of tennis tonight and a pint in the Victoria.  

(Thursday 20th August)

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