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Friday 28 August 2015

An Artisan Evening

Tonight we are off camping again, unfortunately this time it's not for pleasure it’s for the Vitruvian.

We head to Rutland Water straight from work armed with homemade pasta, some artisan bread from
Sainsburys (well, the best they have in Chaddesden) and a new brush to clean dog detritus out of the tent. The brush is made of wood, so it's dual purpose in that it can also be used to tap any wayward dogs on the nose.

Camping on site will give us an extra couple of hours in bed. Well it does for the support crew at least. We have a reasonable pitch not far from the start line from where they will be able to yap at everything from the comfort of their beds. 

I just hope we didn’t keep our neighbour from his shut eye with our riotous evening of pasta, red wine (just a little) and each other. Race preparation isn’t just about sleep.

(Friday 28th August)

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