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Saturday 1 July 2017

An Overstatement

Today the boys and I are at a new dog show, run by a new organisation called Whizz Dogs at a new venue of Ashover Showground in Derbyshire. Showground is a bit of an overstatement, it’s a field and a very rutted one at that.

Our first run is good until we messed up the weaves, which was probably a bit of both our faults. Then we had a tunnel problem in run two which MD can solely take the blame for. It sort of goes on like that. Four runs, no clears. We were close a few times but no cigar.

L returns to parkrunning this morning and actually runs rather than being a tailrunner, a  role that has now been renamed to reflect more what is involved. e.g. It now called ‘tailwalker’.

She finds out that after so many different parkruns you’re eligible for a buff. She only has 43, so is in need of a few more. 

They are not official but a company called Giraffe are selling them to anyone who is on their ‘Most Events’ table. I had no idea such a think existed.  

The ‘Most Events’ table shows those who have done more than 20 different parkruns and L is on it. Later we sort her out with one of the buffs which have cows on them, we know not why.

We have a night out in Canning Circus namely the Falcon, the Blue Monkey and the Borlase.

(Saturday 1st July)

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