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Wednesday 5 July 2017

A Book At Bedtime

On the bike today, although I'm surprised my legs still work after last night.

My colleague at work, who has been trying to get his own 5k time under 20 minutes and writes each near (and not so near) miss up on his whiteboard, isn’t in today. So I add my own time to his list. It's not quite as fast as his but then he does have about 15 years on me.

We now have new neighbours, who are apparently a couple from down south who have moved up here to be near to their son who is at Uni here. Really? Aren’t you supposed to move in the opposite direction when your kids are at Uni?

Daughter is recommending Radio 4 programmes to me. Apparently she listens to it at work and there was program on this morning comparing the decline of golf with the rise of cycling that she thought I might like. I’ve missed the live broadcast so I get it on iplayer instead.

L has always fancied Radio 4’s A Book at Bedtime but I guess she’d never stay awake through it.

(Wednesday 5th July)

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