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Monday 24 July 2017

Eating Disorders

My legs are ok this morning, so I must be relatively fit but then I haven’t been forbidden from running by half a dozen different medically qualified experts... L has a bit of a hobble today.

She asks if my colleagues were impressed? If headshaking means they were impressed then yes, very.

Doggo obviously enjoyed his weekend as he didn't eat a scrap of food this morning despite a sprinkling of cheddar on his breakfast but then it wasn’t the tinned dog food like we got him at the weekend. While shopping for ourselves for the Thunder Run we had this bit of a brain wave and came up with a novel way to break his fasting, buy him some tinned dog food! Genius. It’s was an inspired idea that, if it worked, could save us a small fortune on fresh chicken, best cheddar, wholemeal basmati rice and goodness knows what else. He loved it.

So at lunchtime, after getting the shopping and while I was picking up our sponsor’s dog food for our show this weekend from Kennelgate, I bought him some really buy posh tinned dog food. Well, something that actually has real meat in it. It’s so posh that it’s not tinned, it comes on a tray and looks a bit like Shepherd Pie.

He loves this even more than the tinned stuff and so too, by the jealous look on his face would MD, given the chance. So expect him to develop his own eating disorders some time soon.

(Monday 24th July)

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