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Friday 14 July 2017

Before Sunrise

This morning the alarm goes at 4am, that’s earlier than a dog show, as we head to our second Sunrise City 5.30am 5k run this time in Derby. L runs with one of her friends, while the boys and I watch. She has the chance to complete the set with a run in Leicester if she wants... but that might involve an even earlier start.

I will do my own run later. L questions whether I will talk myself out of it. As if. The run is not negotiable, unless my calves cancel it of course but they haven’t done yet.

I run 14km from work to Sandiacre then get the bus home from there. That is actually the shortest run I can do and still get a regular bus service home, anything less would leave me waiting half an hour or more for a bus and with dodgy calves that wouldn’t be good.

(Friday 14th July)

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