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Tuesday 25 July 2017

A Puncture Waiting To Happen

Back on the bike and on my best bike. This is because when I accidentally ran over some glass on Friday on my not-so-best bike and stopped to check that nothing was lurking in my tyre, I saw how bald the front tyre was. A puncture waiting to happen, with or without glass. So I needed to change the tyre, which I haven’t done yet.

The update on breakfast-watch is that Doggo loved his ‘cottage pie’ and licked his bowl clean. 

L emails to say she’s been for a swim, so presumably she got in and out of the pool ok as she now appears to be in work. So limbs seems to be healing ok there.

L and Daughter head over to visit L’s Dad as it’s his birthday today while I stay at home churning out paperwork for this weekend’s dog show, while chucking balls.

(Tuesday 25th July)

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