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Friday 21 July 2017

Angry Clouds

I bike and beat the rain, which I’m sure is on its way as I was followed by a particularly angry looking cloud all the way to work.

L has been for her ‘hands off’ physio and has been discharged. Personally I think she discharged herself which will only encourage them to do more of this non-contact virtual sort of thing which I really don’t see the point of. The physio was apparently delighted and they’ll chalk this one up as a success story alongside the likes of that chap Lazarus.

It’s also just in time for the Thunder Run which is, erm, tomorrow. Most folk seem to be already there, just like they were last year. It’s a bit early as it doesn’t start until midday tomorrow but I think a lot of folk don’t get to go wild with a tent very often. We probably do it too often, which is why L now looks forward to going wild with a Holiday Inn.

(Friday 21st July)

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