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Sunday 9 July 2017

Double The Numbers

After last week’s very quiet SQT session at the Velodrome this evening's is positively busy, double the numbers. Yes, four of us. So really busy. Just enough to practice the team pursuit but despite the lack of opposition, we are still rubbish and fail to keep it together.

L attempts to sign up for the gym through the new Metro membership and it actually goes swimmingly. So now she can use the Derby gyms whenever she likes. 

There is still no sign of this really good scheme being promoted anywhere, probably because they've now worked out it's going to cost them quite a lot of income. Then again, perhaps it won't if it's marketed right and it pulls new people in.

My Dad doesn’t come to watch this week, so the recovery session is held at the Horse and Jockey instead of at the Exeter.

(Sunday 9th July)

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