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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Doggo seems to be eating breakfast at the moment, largely because he seems to like the new food I have got him. The thing is it’s his usual stuff just in a different, more interesting shape. Like alphabetti spaghetti rather than plain ordinary spaghetti. Do they still make that? anyhow, I’m sure he’ll get bored of it soon.

Today I’m in the car and doing the shopping, just like a Monday.

The evening isn’t like a typical Monday though as we head to the Victoria Embankment for the third round of the GP series which is a 5k. I have of course missed the first two rounds due to being in London but I’m quite pleased with how this one goes.

It’s a rather dull flat route on the tarmac paths on the river side of the Embankment that takes us up to Trent Bridge from the centre of the Embankment, then up to the Toll Bridge, then back to Trent Bridge again before finishing back in the centre. 20:44. I haven’t ran that fast in years.

Something that never happens has happened. Sky have just announced the first batch of TV games and Derby’s game with Hull has been moved to the Friday. I was going to miss that one as we’re off to the Great North Run but now I can go!

(Tuesday 4th July)

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