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Friday 7 July 2017

Phillippa York

I heroically cycle in to work this morning and then crawl up the stairs to my office.

L seems to have coped with her run, at least she didn’t seem to be grimacing as much this morning but that could have been down to the large bottle of Leffe Brune we shared last night.

She now has the paperwork for her crime (red light jumping) and questions whether this will effect our insurance premium. I have looked into this and putting her on the car insurance actually reduces the premium by about £30. Work that one out... Now with her points, it makes no difference.Work that one out...

Is today Friday? I think it is, I’m all confused with all my rescheduling this week. L heads off to the gym to limber up, just in case it is.

There’s no park for MD tonight as my fellow athlete has a very stiff left thigh which I shall get the ice pack on later.

Cyclist Robert Millar finally confesses to being a woman, about time. He ‘disappeared’ many years ago and would only give interviews by email. Although several newspapers have stalked him and produced photos of his new self. Now he’s gone public and Phillippa York will be appearing on ITV4 covering the Tour de France. I'll look forward to that. 

(Friday 7th July)

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