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Friday 6 October 2017

All Eventualities

I’m on the bike today which was much easier than expected. L isn’t impressed though, she’s too morose about her own exercise regime. Which she describes as... Nothing. Zilch. Zero. She’s not even brought her bag of all-eventualities kit to work. In fact, not carrying the all-eventualities bag will probably benefit her back no end. I tell her to reward herself with a glass of wine later.

My new trainers are waiting for me at work when I get in today. I shall try them out this weekend. We also have my masseur over again tonight, making last minute preparations to my calves for next weekend.

While on my way home my phone beeps. ‘boobs sorted’. It’s not often you get a text like that. L’s been to get measured. I did offer but I don’t think she thinks I’m professional enough.

My masseur follows me in as I cycle home. Clearly he’s keen to get started. 

(Friday 6th October)

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