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Saturday 14 October 2017

Feeling More Human

It’s been a while but the boys and I are at a dog show today. Our performance is a bit of a mixed bag. First we have an elimination, then on the next course we were clear right up until we had the last jump down, then we do get a clear round where we came 3rd and finally we clock up ten faults for two poles down on run four. That was just the morning. Our only run in the afternoon was simply a disaster. So just the one rosette today.

Meanwhile L sneakily skips Pilates and goes for a gym session. After which she says she’s now feels far more human but she doesn’t say if that’s an injured or an uninjured human. Then, with Daughter, she heads off for a free curry provided by Robin Hood Energy and John Carroll Leisure Centre. I enjoy my flask of lukewarm soup.

We stay in tonight, for sort of obvious reasons.

(Saturday 14th October)

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