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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Positive Spin

Sustrans, the bike path people, send me a joyful email says that ‘winter is coming and we’re in for wind, rain and mud-filled commuting fun’. Nothing like putting a positive spin on it. However today on the bike, it’s more like spring. Very pleasant.

L swims and then gets the train down to London for work. First class of course, she seems to be getting the bug. I just hope she goes easy on the biscuits. She claims she does and keeps the mugs of tea down to a respectable four, each way.

On the way back she’s worried she’ll nod off and end up in Leeds. She doesn’t want to end up there, there’s a match on tonight. Derby are in town and winning as it happens. Which mean there's an eerie silence from my friend from Leeds.

I listen to the first half on the radio but miss the second as I’m dog training, although again without the traditional pint of something dull at the end of it. 

(Tuesday 31st October)

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