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Saturday 28 October 2017

Day Of The Dead

Today Daughter is at some rehearsals for her upcoming police interview. These are being held locally by ex-coppers, who are hopefully not exs for the wrong reasons. She says it goes well but comes back with loads to practice.

As Daughter isn’t parkrunning, we don’t either and indulge in a rare Saturday lie in.

L is then at Pilates, ‘mostly’ pain free apparently, then she’s off on one of her non-shopping trips in town while I take the boys on a long walk on the park. Well, it’s long for Doggo.

Derby win at Norwich in what is turning in to, what is known locally as, a Billy Davies season. Billy Davies famously secured promotion to the Premier League for an exceedingly average Derby County side in 2007 by grinding out results week in week out in front of a largely somnolent crowd. I’m really not sure I can go through all that again particularly considering what happened the following season.

In the evening we are out with some friends at El Capo on Broad Street. El Capo specialises in Mexican and Latin American dishes in a trendy atmosphere and with subdued lighting. Which means non of us old folk can read the menu. It is also supposed to be fancy dress, as it is their Day of the Dead evening, but we don’t participate. The food is good but nothing revolutionary.

We have drinks before and after in the Lord Roberts.

(Saturday 28th October)

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