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Thursday 12 October 2017

Serious Hydration

The bus was late this morning, very late. So not a good start to the day but at least I'm tapering. An essential part of the tapering process is, of course, hydration. Which may, or may not, be one of the reasons we’re at the Robin Hood Beer Festival later.

I’m not sure what percentage strength of beer is best for hydrating up for a marathon and what particular fast food is best to have with it. So I will probably need to experiment.

L is at home today waiting for our boiler servicing man. The hot water is doing it’s hot-cold-hot thing at the moment. They’re late as well and I’m worried that L will future injure herself repeatedly chucking MD’s ball.

The chap arrives and promptly tries to sell us a new boiler even though the current one isn’t that old and previously they've told us that a new boiler won’t help. Our pipework is old and knackered but no one is up for the job of replacing it.

No two men ever agree on the solution to our water problems but the best one I’ve heard is to leave it as it and for them to keep coming out once a year to clean it out. It is what we are paying them handsomely for.

After that ordeal I think L needs a beer. I meet her in town, that is after the Red Arrow has gone the wrong way and dropped me in the wrong place.

I enjoy the beer festival, L less so.

My selection :-
1. Grafton Sally Pollard's Ginger Concotion 5.0% 1/2
2. Blue Monkey Chimpagne 10.0% 1/6
3. Dancing Duck Imperial Drake 6.5% 1/3
4. Thornbridge Pollards 5.0% 1/2
5. Grafton Caramel Stout 4.8% 1/2
6. Totally Brewed Biscuit Porter 5.0% 1/2
7. Howard Town Dark Peak 6.0% 1/2
8. Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland 6.8% 1/3
9. Grafton Chocolate Mint Stout 5.0% 1/2

L’s selection :-
1. Grafton P-Butter 4.8% 1/3
2. Blue Monkey Chimpagne 10.0% 1/6
3. Xtreme Chocolate Cherry Stout 5.6% 1/3
4. Thornbridge Sequoia 4.5% 1/3
5. Frownes King Norvak's Saga 5.4% 1/3
6. Thornbridge Sequoia 4.5% 1/3

(Thursday 12th October)

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