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Thursday 5 October 2017

Totally Nailed It

I’m in London again today for yet another meeting. Thankfully it’s a late start so we cruise, more or less, through the traffic which wouldn’t have been the case if the planned tube strike had gone ahead. Thankfully they seemed to forget what they were striking about and called it off.

The meeting itself is brief and goes well. It is so brief that we have chance to nip to their other site so that I can show my colleague what we’ve done there and we’re still out of London well before rush hour. We cruise past Luton and then stop for a quick snack.

Then just when we think we’ve totally nailed it we hit Kegworth, just twenty minutes from home, and barely move for over an hour. My colleague who is driving tries to find a different route. Never works... doesn’t work. We’re that long L suspects we’re in the pub but sadly, no. She’ll have to start our night in without me.

(Thursday 5th October)

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