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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Fast, Flat And Insomnia Curing

I’m on the bike today and L’s in the pool, even though I thought she was banned.

Then she’s emailing me running dates. Namely next year’s Hairy Helmet and a new Leicestershire Half Marathon that seems to be several laps of those runways near Prestwold Hall. Fast, flat and insomnia curing. I'm not sure I fancy it but then again there’s not much else in February, so I’ll pencil it very lightly in the diary.

Our dog trainer tonight is stuck in Cambridge, so we have reshuffle all the training sessions and cut the late class completely. L is delighted at this development as it means I can pick her up from her folks’ an hour earlier than normal. It also saves me from a pint of the usual at the Masons.

(Wednesday 25th October)

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