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Friday 13 October 2017

Some Lively Frivolity

I'm on the bus again today and I fear I am now over rested. I’m sure you can over taper. I get no sympathy from L who is rested to the point of pulling her hair out but isn’t, of course, tapering for anything. Well, apart from her planned power shopping on Sunday.

She does sneak in a lunch time swim. I go for lunchtime pints, she goes for lunchtime swims... who's the healthy one here?

Apparently it hurt but it was worth it. I dissuade her from her planned post-work gym session with the promise of some lively frivolity at home to include the anti-God documentary ‘The God Who Wasn't There’ on Youtube and another instalment of the Handmaid's Tale, which we are laboriously working our way through. Quite a combo. 

(Friday 13th October)

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