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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Competent Person

My company’s London project, that I am heavily involved in, is already slipping and although we knew our trip down there could still be called off at any minute, my colleague and I finally head down there on Tuesday.

Apparently I am our company's designated ‘Competent Person’ on site. If only they knew. I am asked to tick a box to say I have completed the Competent Person training? Have I? Suppose it’s called life, isn’t it? I tick the box.

When L texts to ask ‘How’s it going?’ Typically with this customer, the answer is 'not great'. That is until we suddenly had some success getting everything set up at 4:50pm. Hopefully we’ll get more done on Wednesday. Then we head to the local Premier Inn for the night. Who don’t want to serve us food. Have we booked? A room? Yes. A table for food? No. Didn’t know we had to.

The hotel is right next to the Enfield Brewery but obviously they don’t sell any in the hotel. Later on I have a walk around the area and find, as I expected, it’s purely industrial. No even a dodgy backstreet boozer, let alone a pint of Enfield.

I return to my room where it’s a bit lonely without a dog on my bed, asleep with his head resting on my knee, and without a girl beside me, asleep with her head resting on her book. Although back at home, she is awake because the boys won’t let her sleep and Doggo keeps lapping the stairs. They seem to be missing me and she ends up sleeping downstairs so that they can wait by the front door for me. Bless.

The progress we made late on Tuesday isn't improved on the next day, although none of that is our fault. So we will be coming back down on Friday.

(Wednesday 15th November)

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