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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Mr Unreasonable

L goes to her osteopath and gets thoroughly manipulated. The chap gives her permission to run 2k on the flat on the grass with two days between runs. Then every couple of weeks she can another km. Hmmm. I’m sure she badgered him into that but she could go round the garden, MD would love it. she could chuck balls at the same time.

Today my Mum finally goes in to hospital to get her new knee and my Dad rings to say it’s all gone to plan. It appears they sent him home to stop him getting in the way...

I visit after work and she is recovering well although seems very confused, probably due to the drugs they've dosed her up on, and keeps trying to escape. My Dad stays overnight to prevent her organising the other inmates into a mass break out.

I get the bus home where L is being Ms Angry and Daughter is trying to calm her down. It’s all role play apparently for Daughter's interview and I join in. While L hates confrontation, I revel in the chance to be Mr Unreasonable.

(Wednesday 1st November)

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