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Monday 13 November 2017

Senior Citizens Special

Daughter stops over, probably exhausted after her weekend with the boys, and then heads home first thing as she has the whole week off. That’s some recovery time for dog sitting but probably warranted.

I walk Doggo and then leave him eating his posh Senior Citizens special dog food while I head to work, as I’m running late. Little did I know that he would abort the moment I left the house. So MD comes back from his walk and thinks all his birthdays have come at once as he finds a bowl of salmon dog food on the floor awaiting his return. 

So MD gets the posh nosh and Doggo gets a bowl of 10p tinned dog food instead but naturally wolfs the lot.

Tonight was supposed to be our dog club's committee meeting but I’d already rescheduled that for next week before I found out that the today's planned trip to London has been postponed. Even though I’m now free tonight, I daren’t ask them to move it back again.

I should be in London tomorrow... and I've asked L to steal me some latex gloves from her clinic. Which are for my work in London, honest. 

(Monday 13th November)

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