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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Good Zimmering

Doggo is getting wobblier and we’ve both started guiding him the stairs by his collar so that he doesn’t face plant the front door. Sadly he’s starting to look an old man, as bad as me really.

L hits the gym and declares herself ‘almost’ pain free. Which means I will have to restrain her tonight so that she doesn’t head off out to knock off 10k.

My Mum is still in hospital and I go over after work to visit. She is looking good and zimmering well on her new knee but they won’t let her out just yet. Afterwards I head home to pick up the boys and to take him with the dodgy paw to training. Although he’s been chasing after his ball just fine. I guess I’ll see how he goes at training.

L has already headed over to see her folks on the bus. So no pub again, they'll be going bust.

She is terrified about what lies ahead because her Dad has asked him to help download a GPS App. That’s probably outside all our comfort zones but if she pulls it off she could be coming home with several bottles of wine.
(Wednesday 8th November)

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